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Валентин ПоповValentin Popov was born in 1964 in Dupnitsa.

He graduated the mathematical school o”Acad. SP Korolev” in Blagoevgrad and  “Neophyt Rilski” University in Blagoevgrad in 1989

He is an Ministry of Interior’s official in the Interior Ministry since 1993 and he is a commander of a division of  “Stanke Lisichkovo” checkpoint in the Border Police Directorate – Blagoevgrad.

Valentin Popov can be described with a quote of Lois McMaster Byudzholt who said:

“The democracy has a dirty little secret and it is the right to vote does not give you necessarily the right to choose”

He says: “The woman is right. But I very much keep and fight for the right to have a choice and I think  I am also right.


Радка Павлова

Radka Pavlova  was born in 1979 in Sofia.

She graduated 39-th high school “Acad. Peter Dinekov” in Sofia and higher education in Varna’s Free University and the Academy of MoI.

She is an employee of the Interior Ministry since 1998 and she has worked in the Sofia Police Directorate and Southeast European Law Enforcement Center (SELEC).
Henry Ford said, “By themselves, the ideas are values, but every idea in the end, remains only an idea. The task is to realize it in practice.”
According to her, if we want to have actively society  which is influencing the processes in the country we should change ourselves. And if we do not see the road, we have to put through all challenges and make it.


Darin Kovachev was born in  1979 г.

He graduated “Vasil Levski” high school in Malko Tarnovo.

He is working in the Border police for 17 years and at the moment is a junior expert at green border in the “Malko Tarnovo” Checkpoint.

He is dreaming even a little bit late to enroll and complete higher education.

He believes that no one is sinless and often, walking on the path of our life happens to be wrong. Repeatedly. He is convinced that it is important to learn from all mistakes you made and to move forward on your way stronger and more confident.

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