Meet Sonya. One of the women who are supporting the men who are keeping us safe.

“My husband is devoted to his profession – he is burning in it and is giving everything to do his job in the best  possible way.

It hurts when in the evening he comes back at home and I see his pain and frustration. I can feel it with every part of myself; commitment that is rewarded with disrespect and is paid with a part of himself. It hurts me because people do not know how much efforts are needed to do the work and how severe the fight is. A fight with a lack of supplies, with limited powers, with humiliation from the Ministry of Interior and the ingratitude of people.

I understand people!

They have the right to be unsatisfied, but I live with this person and can see whathe is doing each day and how big his fight is. I would like, before people start to accuse and criticize officials in the Ministry of Interior, including my husband, people to thing, what is the price which workers pay and we – the people standing right next to them. ”


Фондация "Общество и сигурност"

Foundation "Society and Security"