Meet Tanya. One of the women, telling us the real story about the dreams of the man who works in the Ministry of Interior

“I live with a man who from his an early age dreamed to be a police officer.
A man who is driven by the desire to care and help people.
Today, this young man has many years of experience in the Ministry of Interior .
Every night when I  look into his eyes I see the frustration and pain.
Pain, caused by dysfunctional system.
Pain, because of incompetent leaders.
Pain, caused by another meaningless reform.
Pain from exhaustion.
Pain of frustration.
Pain caused by the unfulfilled dream to be a policeman, but the real one!
Every night I fall asleep and I hope the next day will be better.
I hope he will succeed to made his dream come true.
I hope he will be allowed to be a real policeman, and we all will be proud.”




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