I keep the border of the Republic of Bulgaria!

“I was born in a village which lies on the Border. I grew up seeing every day the Border fence and people on the other side. My grandfather told me stories about  the Borders. He told me everything about my country, culture, values. He told me a long time ago we were one nation and lived together. He showed me maps and put me to sleep with tales about the Border. I did not understand it, but I knew he was right. I did not fully understand why I had not to went to the other side, but I respected his instruction. Few years later my grandfather became ill and shortly before he died he said “The border is not to get you away from others, but to put you closer to your own people. By keeping the border, you are keeping your family, community, country. Keep your borders and respect the foreign ones.”  This was not only the time I realized what the Border is,  but the moment I chose to keep it.  That was the moment  I decided to become a border policeman.
Today and each single day I go to work, knowing  what “Neither step back, behind us is Bulgaria” exactly means.


Фондация "Общество и сигурност"

Foundation "Society and Security"