There are days…

Each day is different. There are days I’d been shouted. Days when people fainted in my arms. Days when my stripes had been torn and people spat in my face. Days, I’ve heard and seen how the life vanished.

Days like these are not uncommon, but are quickly forgotten, because  are followed by the other days. Days like today, when the people robbed grandfather Dancho have been revealed. Days which we cannot forget, because the tearful elderly man brought us, as his gratitude, a basket with apples and told us “Thank you, guys. Thank you, you’ve been here…”.

There are also the other days and they are the worst – days that you know you cannot help and  you are powerless. Days when you wished you could prevent a crime or incident. Days that you want the institution you work in is not so unwieldy. Days when you are praying on behalf of the victims’ relatives to survive and justice to prevail. Days in which your are furious and angry. Days you are asking yourself whether it makes sense and do you have the strength to keep doing your job.

In those days, three things are keeping you to move forward:  the love you have to the profession, the colleagues and people like grandfather Dancho.

With gratitude to my colleagues and grandfather Dancho

One official at the Ministry of Interior

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