The duty, which…

His name is  Stoyan and he lives in Konstantinovo.
The flood on 16 May 2016 found him with a shopping bag and on the way back home.
He saw that it’s raining, but has not suspected that water can flood the village, and he had never heard anything about flooding.
He understood that something is happening, because of people’s cries. He turned and saw people who are pointing  point down to the ravine where there are many houses. He ran and while  he was approaching the turbulent water, he saw in his eyes  dozens of pictures and memories passed. He remembered Asparukhovo, all dead people, weeping mothers, drowned animals, but mostly he remembered the heavy combat with the water and the moments of frustration. He prayed the water is not so dangerous. He prayed to be able to help.

Down almost to the ravine he saw the grandmother Dimka. She did not shout for help. She was standing on a small island, watched people who gathered on the other side of the water and quietly sobbing. Huddled and bent double, she watched how the water was absorbing everything.

He knew it was a matter of minutes before the water to drag also her.

In this moment, Stoyan tied around his waist one of the ropes that men right next to him were holding and walked through the water. He dragged, but he knew and had experience in dealing with the water. He looked ahead, walked bravely and  looked grandmother’s Dimka in her eyes. He was not counting steps and not thinking about the risks, but hurry because he knew that the water swells within seconds and  the life of the woman depended on how quickly he will reach her. When he went to the island and caught it, she closed her eyes, said nothing and gripped his hand with indescribable force. She dropped it when she was in a safe place –  away from the water.

Today Dimka is cleaning her house while Stoyan is at work. Stoyan is a firefighter, but on 16 May 2016 he had day off.  He knows that he is a firefighter and you must carry it in your heart and your blood.  He knows that being a firefighter is a calling and to save people’s life is a duty… a duty witout working time!

Фондация "Общество и сигурност"

Foundation "Society and Security"